Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 73 Good Surprises

It was a normal day. Work ebbed and flowed. I finished the book I was reading and started reading another, similar book. The 3 authors have created 2 books like this so far. Like the previous book it's a compilation. And like the other book I originally purchased it because the third story is part of a larger series that I was reading.

Well, I'm still reading it but I have to wait until another book comes out since I've already read all available books in the series. To be honest the author has another series out that I prefer, but this series is more popular with masses so it makes sense that she would write more books for the popular series.

I've always been like that though. Most of the TV shows, movies or books that I really enjoyed were never very popular. I tend to take refuge in the unpopular. In the odd. In the quirky. Although many people try to be different as a way to get attention, I truly admire those who have the confidence to just be themselves. Not attention seeking, or being obstinate for the sake of absurdity. But are truly comfortable in their own skin.

After work I came home to a lovely surprise. Tim had music playing and there were red and white roses in a vase on the table. It's these little things that make me love him so much. So thoughtful.

I made teriyaki steak and peppers for dinner and watched Big Bang Theory while we ate. Random joined us for dinner but Corwin slept through the meal. He works nights so it's not unusual for him to skip dinner. I usually leave him a plate in the microwave.

After dinner we ate the cupcakes that Sam gave us as an anniversary present. She is so sweet like that. I had a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting and coconut sprinkled on the top. Tim's had walnuts on it but I don't know what flavor it was.

We finished watching the DVD and then turned in early. Tim and Random have a white water rafting trip in the morning and have to get up early. It was a nice day.

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