Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 74 Surrealism

It's been an odd day. I keep messing up the smallest of things. I think my brain has started my vacation early. I even left my questions for my meeting with my supervisor in my director's office when I went to ask him for clarification on something. UGH! Maybe I'll get lucky and won't look at the doodles that drew while I was waiting for my supervisor to get to the meeting. Everyone seems to be having trouble concentrating. The staff keep showing up late to meetings or having to go back for things they forgot. Everyone seems to have the Friday jitters. It's really starting to seem weird.

It's my last day of work before I get a week off. It will be busy, but fun. We are planning a trip to Ohio to cover one of the items on Tim's bucket list, then off to Indiana to see where he was born. It's hard to think of him as anything other then being in CT and on the reservation. But maybe because that's how I've always known him.

I finished the first story in the book I'm reading and have started on the second. I really need to work on the obsessive-compulsive reading thing. At this rate I'll finish the book before I leave on Sunday.