Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 76 Twelve Hour Drive

It's the official start of our vacation.  We packed up and it the road. Destination: Sandusky Ohio.

Tim has wanted to go to Cedar Point since I've known him. He loves roller coasters and Cedar Point is known for them. The boys enjoy them too. So as a combined anniversary and birthday gift for Tim and the boys I made plans for us to spend a few days at the park.

The drive went pretty well. There was a slow down for some construction but we never had to stop. We were lucky.

I'm also pretty sure that our GPS likes to pad the time estimates. It said 12 hours. But when I checked the same route on Google maps it said 10. And we made it in about 10 and half. The half was stopping at A&W for lunch.

We ate dinner in a small Mexican place called Casa Real. The food was good. After dinner the kids wanted to hang out at the room, so Tim and I did some local Ingress missions.

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