Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 77 The Rain

The weather started out uncooperative.  It was sprinkling when we got to the park. It wasn't to bad. Several of the rises were open. The Spawn took off to ride the coasters while Tim and I checked some slower paced rides.

I don't care for heights or the feeling of falling. So I don't spend a lot time on rides. We walked around completing various missions in Ingress.
Just before noon the skies had enough of sprinkling and completely opened up. It was a complete downpour. The kids met up with us and we decided to get some lunch.

As we left the shelter of the awning we met under, Corwin took off his hoodie and gave it to me to wear. I hadn't brought a jacket, and I didn't mind getting wet, but it was such a sweet gesture that I wrapped it around me.

By the time we finished lunch the storm had passed. The Spawn were off again. Tim and I rode a few more rides. I even rode a pirate ship that rocked back and fort like a huge swing.  I was reminded instantly of why I hate those type of rides. After that we stopped at the car to grab a mobile charger for my phone. I love Ingress but it kills my battery quickly.

As we walked around we stopped at a roller coaster that was getting ready to reopen. I told Tim to go ride it. It was a short wait so I figured it would be the best time to do so.
While waited for him to finish, the kids came out the exit. We chatted while we waited for Tim. Then we started to explore together. We stopped to get old time pictures and ice cream cones.
We did some other shopping and watched a glass shaping demo. It was really neat.

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