Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 78 Last Day at the Point

It's our last day at Cedar Point. The weather is gorgeous. That means more crowds but it's not to bad. The real vacation season hasn't started yet.

The guys all went to hit the coasters while I wondered around a bit. I finished another mission in Ingress. Random left his glasses in his pocket on one of the rides and they fellout. Luckily his vision impairment isn't to bad. He can still function.

We met back up lunch and watched a show. After the show we rode the water rides. The guys loved the log flume and riode it twice. I prefer the rapids.

Once we were wet and cool, we wondered around until we found something that would meet the "mummy must ride a roller coaster" requirement. It turned out to be a ride called the Pipe Stream.
It isn't a roller coaster but it still throws you around. With that nonsense over with, we checked in with the ride where Random lost his glasses. They found a pair, but not his.

We checked again after watching an extreme sports show and eating dinner. Still  no glasses. We were told to leave our information with Lost and Found. Lost and Found gave us a website to visit where we can report lost items. Not sure what will happen but here goes nothing I suppose. 

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