Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 79 Happy Birthday Spawn

We traveled to Tim's hometown today. It's an interesting place. He showed us the houses he lived in and a spot where the house was taken by eminent domain.

We saw where Grandma Doris used to live and his old high school. The high school is huge. It's bigger than the entire "downtown" where we live now. I understand know why he is so frustrated with the local school system. He came from a school with 3 floors, 2 gyms and a pool to a school that didn't have a library or cafeteria until after he graduated. 

After driving around we met up with two of our nieces and had dinner with their families.  It was nice to get a chance to visit. We ate out and the waiter was awesome. He was really on top of it. We had a group of 12 with all the kids. I was really impressed with how he handled everything.

After dinner said our goodbyes and headed out to get a hotel, and some sleep.  We put the Spawn in their own room this time. Finally, everyone can get some sleep.

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