Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 82 What to do with Dr. Who

I spent most of the day just catching up on the things I needed to do. I love going on vacation but I always feel like I have even more work to do than usual when I get back. As much as I get bored with routine there is an element of security in always knowing what will happen next.

Tim and I hit the grocery store and picked up the last few items I needed to finish the project I let all over the table. when we got back it was time to get to work. Tim tackled laundry while I sewed.

I found a pattern for a bag on Chica and Jo's website. I modified the pattern to make a small purse from the Dr. Who fleece fabric that I had purchased a while back. Basically I skipped the top flap section entirely and cut wider sections of fleece to make the sides. I then sewed satin blanket binding on each side of the side panels to make the straps.

It didn't work out exactly as I had hoped. The bag is made from fleece and blanket binding, so it doesn't have a lot of structure. Being my first attempt I also didn't think to line the bag at all. It is to small to hold my purse organizer and my laptop due to my lack of math skills but, if I put some type of closer on it, it could work for day trips where I don't need to take a lot with me.

The second bag is a messenger style bag (like the pattern) and I like how it turned out a lot better. This time I sandwiched a stiffer fabric between the two layers fleece to give it some more support. I also used the organizer to verify the measurements, because math is just not my thing. It turned out really well. I have enough room for the organizer and my laptop fits behind it. I even made a cell phone pocket - but it really needs some time of closure, like Velcro. If I attempt this again I think I will try to put in a drawstring or zipper for the top and a large pocket for the laptop.

I cheated a bit and sewed some D rings to the sides rather then do an all in one strap/side like the first bag. The D rings meant that I could just use the strap from my other purse for the time being. I have the hardware to make a strap for the bag but I have to figure out what I want to use for the strap material. So this works in the meantime. I will eventually put some type of hardware on the front to hold the bag closed but I want to find a button or other item that will compliment the bag.

I still have about 2 yards of the fabric left so I'm sure there will be more projects with this in my future. I just have to figure out what.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning. Sweeping floors and getting the dishwasher started. I decided to be brave and made steak with sauteed peppers and mushroom gravy. I made mashed potatoes to go with it. It was really interesting. Everyone ate it so it couldn't have been to bad. After dinner it was finishing up the dishes and heading to bed. Tomorrow will be a full on cleaning and photo editing day.

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