Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 83 Getting Back to Normal

I slept in today. It was nice. Vacations can be fun but I always need a day or two to recoup from the hectic schedule of fun. Lazy days are one of my favorite things.

We had a late breakfast and then had an "all hands on deck" cleaning day. It's been a while since we had a full on cleaning so I set up a list of to do's and everyone pitched in. The whole list was finished in a few hours. Amazing how quickly chores get done when everyone cooperates. If only the Spawn could figure it out.

In the late afternoon we went to visit my in-laws. We have a standing tradition of going over their to celebrate all of the family birthday's for the month in one shot. Since there are 6 for the month of June, this works out pretty well. Otherwise every weekend would be tied up with family stuff. Don't get me wrong. I love spending time with my in laws. I just don't want to spend every weekend there.

We had a potluck style dinner, something that we started doing for all family events to help keep costs down, and spent a quiet evening talking and catching up. It was a nice quiet evening.

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