Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 84 Monday

The first day back to work from a vacation is always hard. I have nightmares about the piles of work that will be sitting on my desk. Not that it's ever happened, but I always feel like it will. In reality it usually just means that I actually buckle down and plow through the workload.

This time it was no different. I spent the morning catching up and doing the various tasks that had been neglected for the past week while I was away. By lunch I was all caught up. I still have the two on-going projects to work on but everything else was done.

After lunch I worked on those long term projects and waited out the rain. It wasn't nearly as busy of a day as I had worried it would be. But that's me. I always over estimate how long it will take to do things and get anxious over what my imagination thinks will happen.

I made stuffed salmon with wild rice for dinner and we watched Criminal Minds. It was a pretty easy day.

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