Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 86 My Blog - a Review

It was a slow day. Not much going on at work. I was able to sit in on a conference, where I learned some very interesting things, but my normal work was pretty slow. It was so slow that I completely finished one of my "long term" projects. My other project is half done, and if I'm being honest, I'm dragging my feet with it so that I'll have it as a fall back "something to do" when my regular work dries up. Since they aren't expecting it to be completed for a few more weeks it's not an issue. Even with dragging my feet it's half way completed. 2 more days like yesterday and it will be done completely as well.

I wonder if they would object to me bringing my knitting in to work on... LOL.

After work we went to a friend's for the weekly cookout. We usually have them on Friday's but one members new job has him working on Friday evenings so we moved it to Thursday so he could participate. It was pretty subdued. I gave Barb the images that I took awhile back and the group sat and chatted. I showed off my Dr. Who bag and was a bit put out to realize that not one of the people in the group read my blog or any of my social media posts. As usual though, once they saw the bag they wanted one.

It's a weird feeling to be proud and disappointed at the same time. It's really made me reconsider this entire experiment. I've been writing every day for almost 3 months but it seems almost no one is interested. Ironically this is exactly the reaction I expected and was the hypothesis to start with. The point of the experiment was to see if people really wanted "realism" in their reading. The answer seems to be no.

My most popular posts are all things that were posted prior to the experiment. It's quite interesting to note that despite the number of views rising from 14,441 to 21,531, very few are reading the experiment pages. Instead they area reading previous about business and a company review. Oddly the company review is my most popular post of all time.

With the time constraints of posting daily and the lack of interest I've debated on stopping the experiment. But I think that 90 days (OK it's really 86) probably isn't enough time to get any real data so I'm going to try to continue. Although if my days continue like this one then there really won't be much to write about.

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