Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 88 Editing Memes

I spent the morning discovering that the place I bought my car from are idiots. I made a "mid-afternoon" appointment. I showed up at 11 am knowing that I would be dropping it off for a few hours because this is the second time in a month that the car has to go in.

The service guy then informs me that they close in a hour and that there is "no way" they can look at my car. WTF? Seriously? So you let me set up an appointment for a time when you knew you wouldn't have any service techs available? Really? I went home - really pissed.

After that I decided to lay with some images that I took the other day. Here are the results.

 The photo of the child is just cute. The child pictured is so precocious that I had to use the quote. The quote itself is something that I truly believe. But applying it to her just gives the whole image another level of meaning.

The image of the flower has a devious quality to it that appeals to me. The romance and tenderness of the quote turn into something carnal and evil when it's written in that font. Something about that is very alluring to me.

Maybe because I always feel like I'm getting mixed messages in life. The "friend" that is all over you when they need something but then stabs you in the back because you are no longer need for their personal goals. The place where your supposed to feel safe and loved, being the place where you are hurt the most.

It's an interesting twist. I'm intrigued by the disconnection of it all.

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