Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 91 The Gang's all Here

Work was busy but not overly so. We are updating accounts. Since Charlie has started calling Lucy, we  have started to rename a few others. The rest of my immediate department has decided to play along and have renamed themselves Sally and Schroeder.

My department actually department is pretty small, but I work with a lot of other departments in the company because my desk is located to close to the front door to not see everyone. I don't mind it. It helps to pass the time chatting with the various character's I work with.

After work Tim and I grabbed my friend William and headed out to dinner. We weren't sure where to go so Tim suggested Landowne at Mohegan Sun. We haven't been there since the new portals went up. (Yes, we picked a restaurant partially based on being able to get unique hacks for Ingress - no I'm not addicted. LOL)

It was good to catch up. I haven't seen him in a few weeks. We used to work together in my last position and he's become a good friend. While I worked there I convinced him to try Ingress. The only down side is that he picked the other team. But no matter, we're still friends - even if I'm now obligated to hack his portals.

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