Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 92 The Problem with People

The problem with people, it seems, is that no one cares about anyone else. People as a species are rude, obnoxious and uncaring creatures that do whatever they want, whenever they want and really don't care who else they hurt in the process. As long as they get what they think they should have.

Would it really hurt to stop and consider a different option to reach your goals that doesn't hurt someone else? Would it really be an issue to acknowledge that something is important to someone else - even when it's not important to you?

I know that I sound like I hate people, and some days I truly do. But it someone is going to go through the pain of trusting you, even just a little, could you at least try not to intentionally hurt them?

This past week I have been bombarded with disappointments and various levels. Some were unintentional, some were caused by pure careless - but some seemed like they were designed purely to watch me get hurt. I learned a long time ago not to trust people because they are more then willing to lie to your face, right before they give a speech on honesty to the rest of the world. And maybe the unrealistically high morals that I was expected to achieve as a child play a part in my current expectations of how people should behave. But really,

Do we really need to hurt each other?

I just don't understand.

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