Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 93 I get no Respect

Part of my job is to interface with other people. It's not really a surprise. I'm a secretary. The problem comes when those people decide that they are above dealing with a secretary. It's worse when they think they are above dealing with my boss. 

There is a specific program that I am supposed to have access to because of my job. Prior to me arriving my supervisor asked for it to be set up. After I got here, she asked again. 2 weeks later she asked a third time. It was finally set up. 

Then I tried to use the program and it wouldn't let me in. When I inquired why I was told it was never set up. When I asked that they set it up because it was supposed to have been done over a month ago, I was told no. My supervisor or director has to ask for it to be set up. Never mind that they already asked 3 times. 

I am frustrated beyond all belief over the stupidity of this.  Not only does this refusal to set up the program affect me and my department, but it means more work for other departments that have to use a work around because we aren't set up. 

I understand why the initial set up has to be requested by the supervisor or director. You don't want everyone to just say they want something and get it. Fine. But they already have 3 requests from my supervisor and, now, 1 from my director. So why can't they just set it up? 

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