Monday, June 29, 2015

Ditching the Days

I've decided that conducting the experiment on a daily basis is just to much. Particularly on weekends when I often just don't get around to sitting at a computer. Because of this I won't be putting the Day numbers into the posts anymore unless they are specifically relevant.

The weekend was nice. Saturday we went out to a place called Mango's Wood Fire Pizza for lunch. It was fabulous. Tim and I aren't usually fans of wood fire pizza because the crust is often covered in soot or has a burned flavor from the uneven temperature in the oven. Mango's was not like this. We had the garlic, cheesy bread and the Bootlegger pizza. It was great. Between the two of us we ate the whole thing.

After lunch we walked through Mystic Village and ended up at the Bleu Squid. We were there for two reasons. First I was dying for a cupcake. Secondly, Corwin's girlfriend works there and we wanted to say hi. From there we wondered around the quaint shops and local area before heading to the "farm".

The farm is an Ingress thing. Portals are acquired by placing resonators on them. The resonators are different levels. When the several level 8 players all place a resonator on the portal then that portal becomes a level 8 portal. With the portal being that level it means that it will drop level 8 (the highest level possible) items for players to use. When there are several level 8 portals in one area, usually linked and fielded together, then it's referred to as a farm.

Just like a farm, area players from both sides will go through a farm and hack the portals to get the highest level gear they can. Unfortunately there are times when the side that doesn't have the farm will go through and destroy it. Usually during some type of world wide event where the number of portals held or the number of links/fields will impact the rankings. But there is usually a group of the other side that is willing to go through and put it back together again.

It may sound tedious but in reality it's helpful. It gives other people a chance to capture those portals and every activity gives the players AP (experience points) so having the portals knocked down and rebuilt helps every to advance in the game.

On Sunday we headed into church. My friend was conducting the service and she had a fun activity planned that she wanted pictures of. After church we headed to the grocery store. Some of Tim's family is visiting from Indiana. Per our tradition, we all got together at my in-laws for a potluck dinner and birthday celebrations.

It was nice being able to see the family and hang out. Random did well, given the amount of chaos that always accompanies these events. Corwin slept through the whole thing. I think working nights is getting to him.

Overall it was a great weekend.

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