Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Week in Review

It's been a busy week. Sunday was my niece's baby shower. She's due the end of September. She kept complaining about how "big" she is. I had to laugh. She's about the same size I was when I was only 3 months along with Corwin. But she's always been tiny so I can see how she thinks she's "big" now.

Her mother put out Mommy Advice Cards. These are cards that you can write comments and tips on for the mom to be. When I was handed one I had to laugh. Apparently, it was an evil laugh because I was quickly reprimanded to "be nice." It didn't take long before I lost the "worst parent" award. Another guest had some really questionable advice. She decided to share her tidbit out loud. We laughed it off but it really came derailed the mood for a bit. At least for me.

Monday was stamp camp. I love stamp camp. A couple of hours of pure creativity. This month there was one card that was particularly complicated. As I sat at one of the easier cards, the lady across from me mentioned that I couldn't do card 5 until Rose went over the instructions. I told her my reputation must be getting around. She just laughed.

Card 5 was a pop-up card so she wanted to make sure to review how it was assembled. So the rule was for everyone not just her well known clients who can't follow directions. When I was ready to do card 5 there were a few other people there so she was showing us all at once. As she demonstrated she would make comments like "It goes like this," pause to look at me, "of course your's will look different." She plays up the fact that I won't do it exactly like hers, but she loves it. That's half the fun of being at camp, seeing how the same pieces can make various designs.  

Tuesday was entertaining for all the wrong reasons. I was frustrated with the kids for not doing their chores the night before and wasn't paying attention to were I was walking. I stepped on a pile of dead leaves and landed on my butt with my left leg tucked under me. I scraped up the top of my foot. Talk about a great way to start the day. Not! I was going to put a Band-Aid on it but ended up having to call Tim to bring me gauze and a different pair of shoes. The scrape was to big for a Band-Aid. Being a sweetheart he came over with supplies and fixed up my foot. While I was trying to sort out the issue I realized that underneath my toenail was bleeding but I couldn't figure out why. Tim looked at it and noticed that I had broken the nail. Not across like a pedicure but from the tip to towards the cuticle. It's not loose just cracked.

Everybody was having a Monday on Tuesday. At work nothing was going right for anyone. Everything from not being able to find car keys to an air conditioner unit freezing over. We should have all be allowed to go home early.

Wednesday was Tim's birthday. He turned 45. He picked me up for lunch and we went to the Employee Appreciation event that happened to be the same day. It was nice. There were games and lots of food. The food was labeled with the item and which employee submitted the recipe. It was a cool way to honor some of the employees. I only get 30 minutes for lunch so we didn't stick around for the games or prize wheel.

We did run into several relatives and a few friends. William was there and I was glad to see him. Even if he is a Frog (this is an Ingress reference). He's heading out on a cruise in a few weeks with his better half, so I was glad we were able to chat for a bit before he left. I don't miss much about my previous job, but I do miss the antics my little trio pulled off. William, Amanda and I would often prank the office. It was all in fun and nothing mean. Hidden plastic eggs in people's cubicles when we had to work Easter, and creative cubicle decorating for birthdays. In a way it seems like that was ages ago, but it was only a few months.

After work Tim and I went to the Brazen Hen, an Irish pub in Westerly, RI. They have really good food. We parked the car and walked through the park picking up portals. Then we had dinner and headed out to Watch Hill. The Frogs had created a large green field and it has been bugging me for days. We took the field down and had a fun conversation with a Frog that I have renamed Thorny. He goes by CrownofThorns but that just sounds to pompous. So I call him Thorny.

We put up several fields which he promptly took down. But that's the game. Tonight's adventure is grocery shopping. With any luck it will be mostly uneventful.

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