Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Missing Random

Photo by ID Tech Camp
We dropped Random off at camp on Sunday. We went up early and played Ingress for a couple hours and had dinner at a local dinner. That evening we dropped him off at the college where the summer camp is and said our goodbyes. In his usual hands off manner he barely patted out a hug before saying that he didn't want me to help him get settled in.

His roommates mum is a typical helicopter parent, unpacking all of his clothes, making his bed and such. She probably insisted on doing Random's as well. Regardless, I decided to respect his wishes and left him to settle himself in. Tim and I went back into town and got ice cream. I was really nervous about him being at camp those first few hours and, as usual, I soothed the feeling with food.

On Monday I texted him to make sure he was OK. He said he was in his usual short "Yes." The child was never one for words but it made me feel better. I was able to settle back into my routine and everything was fine until Tuesday.

On Tuesday I received an email from the school. They had changed the classes around and the new schedule means that they kids have fewer elective classes. It wouldn't be a problem except that he needed to decided on which electives he wanted, and rank them in order from most desired to least. Since he's at camp I can't just ask him what he wants.

Luckily he's old enough to have a cell phone so I was able to text him his choices and let them know what he wanted. How did we ever manage without cell phones? Of course I know the answer to that one. Our mother's just decided for us.

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