Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's Pow Wow Time

Eastern Basket Dancers
It's that time of the year. The annual Mashantucket Tribal Pow Wow, known as Schemitzun, is here. The weather was beautiful. I always enjoy seeing the dancers, the regalia, the art. It's the epitome of culture. It's also exhausting. I was on the grounds for most of Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday. On Friday it was mostly to help get vendors settled but in the evening there was some dancing so I took pictures. The weekend was open to the public so their was a lot to cover photographically.

Fancy Shawl Dancer
The dancers looked great in their regalia. There are so many colors and different
styles. Several of the media people where new this year so I took them around and showed them the highlights. Most of them were grateful for the help. One had never been to a pow wow before. Others had just never been to this one.

It seemed bigger this year. We had a few more vendors than last year, and a lot more dancers. It took a few years but it finally seems to be rebounding from the move and downsizing.

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