Monday, September 21, 2015

Sunday Adventures

Sunday started out interesting. Tim and I had a slow morning waking up. Around 11 we decided it was time for food and I made grilled cheese for lunch. Random and I played on the Xbox until I decided it was time to get dinner together. That was when my phone rang.

Our friend, Larry, was stranded about an hour away. The suspension belt had shredded and he was stuck. Tim and I drove to a few different stores before we found the belt. Some were closed, others didn't have it in stock. After the second place didn't have the part I started calling other places because it was 5:30 on a Sunday night and most of these places don't stay open that late. We finally came across Advance Auto Parts and they had the part we needed.  

Jeff pulled the part for us and it was waiting on the counter when got there. He was pleasant and it was nice to have great customer service. We were back on the road in a few minutes and headed towards our friend. 

By the time we arrived it was just after 6:30. We easily found Larry and his car in a gas station parking lot. Tim and Larry worked on the car for a while, trying to get the new belt on. But it wouldn't cooperate. They tried this and that. Taking bolts out, moving stuff around. Nothing was working. Eventually they figured out why. 

One of the gears was messed up and the ball bearings had fallen out. Even if the guys could get the belt on, the vehicle wasn't going anywhere. But luck was on our side. A dealership for his make of car was across the street from the gas station. Ok, more like across the 4 lane highway - but it was close. 

It just so happened that a tow truck had just pulled into the service station to get gas. Larry talked to the driver and he agreed to tow the car. With his car loaded on to the tow truck we piled into our car to follow him. But now our car wouldn't start. 

While we worked on Larry's car, we left the car trunk open to have easy access to the tools. This drained the battery. Larry walked across the street, while Tim prepped the car and I asked another patron if he would give us a jump. The patron said he would after he purchased gas. 

While we waited Tim saw another lady struggling to open the hood of her car. She was having some kind of an oil issue but couldn't get the hood latch to release. He tried to help but the latch was badly jammed. He came back when the patron pulled up to jump us. As we pulled out of the space to get Larry, the tow truck returned. 

Larry had told him our battery had died and he came back to see if we needed help. After that we all went looking for dinner. We ended up at a hotel bar - not much else is open at 9:30 pm on a Sunday. The food was good and we ate, chatted and relaxed. Larry came home with us and will call the dealership in the morning to sort out his vehicle. 

It wasn't planned but we had quite the adventure. What did you do on your weekend? 

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