Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The End of an Experiment

Project completed on March 23, 2016
Exactly 180 days ago I decided to try an experiment. That experiment was to see if people actually wanted to read about an average person's day to day real life. This all started after I had read several postings and blogs complaining that a popular fictional book was not true to life. The entire topic was getting out or hand and I wrote about my views on it in Reality v. Belivability 

While writing the post it occurred to me that I could conduct an experiment to see if my theory was correct. So one year ago I started the Real Life Experiment, and after a year I have learned a few things.

The quickly learned that posting daily gets very boring. I have a few posts that were literally "And here is today's post - work, eat, sleep". This post is a great example. After almost 4 months I decided to stop doing the daily posts. They were just to time consuming - and getting silly. At one point I considered canceling the project all together. No one was commenting on the posts, and as far as I could tell no one seemed to be reading them.

But I stuck with it and made it a whole year. And here are the final stats.

Starting views, based on the blogs stat counter was 14,441. The most popular post was a review about a freelance company.

The ending views, at the time of this writing are, 39,531. The most popular post is still the review. The most popular experiment related post, which made number 6 out of the top 10, is the one about how Tim and I started dating.

Of the top 10 posts, only two are related to the experiment.

The end result is that I gained 24,000 more views to my blog in a year. Number of subscribers is still 0.

Since the majority of the views were on posts that were done prior to the experiment, I am going to say that the experiment proved the original point. That people don't want to read about real life.

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