Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Seduced and Pleasured: Forbidden Pleasure 2 - A Review

This review of Seduced and Pleasured: Forbidden Pleasure 2 by Melissa Devenport and Camille Crosby may contain some spoilers.

I was offered this "book" as an ARC copy. I like the premise but at 71 pages, this is not a book. I wouldn't even really call it a novella as there is no plot to speak of. This can be easily read in a few hours.

This is the second in a series and requires that the 1st installment must be read in order to understand the second. I say installment because the story feels like the author wrote one story and then broke it up into different "books", which is a major issue for me.

Because there is no plot per se, it's hard to provide a summary of the book. Charlene is a likable but somewhat naive character who is mourning the loss of her father who died in the previous installment. She takes a vacation to visit a man who is practically invisible throughout the entire story. There are hints of a sexual encounter with the man, but the relationship isn't very defined regardless of the words used to describe it. The story touches on several themes but never truly addresses any of them. Charlene is significantly younger than the man she's seeing, but since he's a secret from her everyday life it doesn't matter. There is also her new found friendship with a coworker which seems to have no relevance to the story other than to give the impression that Charlene has no friends. Equally baffling is her relationship with one of her patients. The bulk of the scenes surrounds Charlene and her interactions with a woman.

The male lead is so insignificant in the story that I can't remember his name. Aside from being unrealistically wealthy, controlling and kinky, there isn't much else to him unless it's in the first installment. He does all the standard things that these types of stories include. He manipulates her into attending a kink event without her knowing what it is, he arranges for her to have sex with other people without any discussion/negotiation about it, and he has sex with her even though she doesn't recognize him.

The entire thing is 8 scenes, 3 of which are sexual. 1 of which is the two main characters alone. Even those were fairly standard kink scenes and seemed to be missing any connection between the characters. This would have been a better read if the author waited and finished the whole story in a single book, rather than break up a single story into several installments.