Thursday, December 28, 2017

Mischief and the Masters by Cherise Sinclair

I love Cherise Sinclairs Master of the Mountain/Dark Haven and Shadowlands series. You can tell because I've left reviews for every book. This is Uzuri's story with some background on cousins Max and Alistair.

I loved Uzuri in the previous books. She was an odd mix of a prankster and shy and it always had me curious about who she was. In this book, the antics were downplayed and really only came up as defined, and obvious, plot points. If you have read the other books and paid attention then you knew where the story was going from the start. It's possible even the author knew the plot was obvious as she has Z state that he orchestrated the pairing. With only one, or one set, of Dom's left in the group, it was pretty obvious whom she would end up with.

The Dom's didn't have the usual appeal of Sinclair's characters. One had a half-baked backstory, the other didn't have one at all. Uzuri spent most of her time as some character that wasn't the Uzuri I knew from the previous books. She was paranoid and terrified, but also dumb enough not realize the obvious. Several sections of this book seem to be recycled from Edge of the Enforcer and If Only with a few segments of Make Me, Sir.

Overall I think the series has come to its end. The author seems to be out of ideas and storylines. There will at least one more book as 2 new characters were introduced in passing so it's likely they will end up together in the next one. The previous books have a history of the characters that gives the stories a realism that I appreciate. This one fell flat because of the lack of interaction between the new characters and the old ones, and a lack of interest in the characters in each other. It was a little like when you watch a show and they know that the actors hate the parts they are cast in.

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