Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Prince by Sylvain Reynard

The Prince is the missing link between Sylvain Reynard's romantic Gabriel series and the supernatural Florentine Series. The short novella provides a better understanding of the motivations of the Prince of Florence and more insight into his character. The novella is a quick read not only because of his short length, but because it pulls you into the mystery from the beginning and holds you to the end of the book while developing further story arcs which provide some explanation for the seemingly tenuous connection between the Prince and Gabriel Emerson.

The story was written after the two series were established and it appears to have been written to address some of the leaps of faith that were needed tie the two series together. If you have not read the Gabriel series then aspects of the story will not be as well understood. Reynard does review some scenes from the final Gabriel book to bring new readers up to speed but the different perspective allows the those who are reading the books in order to not feel like they are re-reading the same material.

I waited for The Prince to come out before moving on to the Florentine Series as the leap between genres wasn't sitting well with me. Because this book is written to tie the series together, the ending, while final, leaves the reader with a sense that there is more to come. It's not a cliffhanger, but the story isn't over either. This sort of ending is usually a pet peeve of mine, however, knowing that this book was intended as a bridge between the two series, and the fact that it did have an ending of sorts, leaves me wanting to know what comes next instead of rant about unfinished story arcs.

The book does what it set out to do. It has provided me with a desire to read the next series, rather than a fear that the author has taken a dramatic shift genre.