Monday, January 29, 2018

Finding Master Right by Sparrow Beckett

This book is the first in a new trilogy, Masters Unleashed. The  story follows Banner and Kate as they explore their relationship with each other. Like a lot of other novels in the genre, there are some very well written sex scenes. But that is where the comparisons end.

Unlike a lot of novels in this genre, there is an actual story. We follow Kate as she searches for the perfect Dom, and Banner as he discovers things about himself. I love how the characters develop throughout the story.

Kate is new enough to the scene that we get to watch her explore and enjoy the moments when she realizes what she likes. But she's also familiar with the scene enough to know some basics, which makes the story more enjoyable. I personally hate when the vanilla girl is "sucked in" to the BDSM and in a few sentences suddenly discovers she's a hardcore masochist.

Banner is a hardcore Dom, but he's intelligent enough to realize that Kate is new and not his type. I found his character more fascinating than Kate's. We not only see how he interacts as a Dom but we also see how his family and friends impact his life. There is more to him than the typical "I'm a Dom - I hit people" nonsense. I particularly love his relationship with Rook.

The story is well thought out and very entertaining. It's a quick read, but it also makes me stop and think. Every time I re-read it I realize something that I hadn't noticed before.

If you enjoy BDSM romances that are about more than hitting each other and sex then you will enjoy this book.