Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hard by Cheryl McIntyre

I wanted to love this book. But I just couldn't. Cheryl is a great author and has written some stunning work in the past. This book falls short.

It has her usual in-depth characters and detailed storyline, but the story skips crucial sections. It just suddenly ends and then there is an epilogue that takes place years later. Nothing about how Holland heals from her tragedy or how Jensen comes to terms with his own problems.

Sure they finally have the epiphany that they have to deal with their issues but it's like "announce problem equals problem solved. Now end the book." I felt like there was so much more that could have carried the romance part of the book along instead of just stopping.

The worst part is that rather than devote the last quarter of the book to the story, she puts in a multi-page acknowledgment (it's a new trend - book not long enough? Just add your award acceptance speech) and a very disturbing chapter from one of her other books. The warning about triggers had nothing to do with the story and everything to do with the teaser.I wish she spent more time developing the story and finishing it, rather than shortchanging readers in order to blindside them with a teaser.

I can not recommend this book. It was never finished and only serves as an announcement that she now prefers to write violent and emotional scaring stories.