Monday, February 26, 2018

Long After by Cheryl McIntyre

This book is part of the Sometimes Never series, which chronicles the lives of several friends as they leave high school and enter college. One of the things I love about Cheryl McIntyre's writing is that each book focuses on a separate person or relationship while still tying into the theme of the group. This way the books can be read as an individual stand-alone book. Reading them as a set allows the reader to have a more in-depth experience and understanding of the events.

This book follows Annie and Chase's relationship or lack of one. As with all of her books Cheryl deals with some very emotional issues. I like that she does not sugar coat the realities of the story. There is an element of realism within the romance. The white knight may save the damsel but not without dealing with the consequences. The timeline overlaps with the other books but the other characters are only brought in when they correspond to the storyline.

The main characters trade off chapters, telling the events from their perspective, which I like. This allows the reader to see Chase's point of view then Annie's then Chase's again, but usually going forward in time. This style is present in all of the books in this series and can provide for some very tense moments as the characters misinterpret each other's actions. This book is the only one, so far, that has some chapters out of order. You have to watch the headings to see if you are reading in the present or from the events leading up to the present. Usually, I hate this, but it worked out here. There are only a few chapters that do the time shift and if they were all written in sequence it may be intense for a romance book.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and will probably read it again. It did make me want to go back and reread one of the other books in the series because I can't remember the details of something that was referenced about some of the other characters. I look forward to reading more books from this series.