Saturday, February 24, 2018

Somtimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre

After reading a string of poorly written, non-ending, books I decided to try this one. Pleasantly this book was very well researched and thought out. Hope and Mason are teens who have their own demons to deal with but the problems are believable and they handle them as you would expect a real person too. They both make mistakes and have to deal with the fallout. While there is a bit of Mason trying to "save" Hope, it's not the usual pushy I know what's the best routine that shows up in a lot of these types of books.

The characters are bit young for my taste usually but we're back to it's realistic. The author spent extensive time researching the effects that trauma causes and how some people deal with it. It helped with the realism that the characters weren't overly flawed nor were they perfect.

The story ends. Unlike several popular authors, this one finishes the story in one book. Yes, it is part of a series and yes, it does have a short story which provides further depth but they are not required reading to enjoy the book. This book will not leave you hanging or wonder if the author's previous job was writing Soap Opera scripts. The short story provides a tale of Hope and Mason which covers the jump from the books end to the epilogue. I didn't read it because I didn't feel compelled to. The second book is about Park, Hope's boyfriend prior to Mason, and his story. One of the best things about this author is that each book could be read as stand alone but reading them as a series gives you that extra understanding of what's going on.

I highly recommend this series.

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