Thursday, March 8, 2018

Damaged: The Ferro Family by H.M. Ward

Please note that since I have read this book the title has been changed to Damaged. The series name has been dropped from the title but the book remains as book one of the series.

The book starts off strong with good character development. I enjoyed that this book was able to create a tension between the main characters, Sidney and Peter, without resorting to explicit sex. I can relate to both of the characters and the storyline is well thought out. The secondary characters are developed enough for realism but no one character is so developed as to foreshadow anything.

Near the climax of the book, which also happens to be the last chapter, there is a huge twist that I really didn't see coming and enjoyed. What I didn't enjoy is that the book ended in the middle with a simple note from the author "See book 2". This book had great potential but the author screwed it up when she chose to make a single story into several for the sake of money.

I won't be buying book 2 and I'm debating on sending back book 1 since it's not a full book, just part of one.