Thursday, March 29, 2018

Little Letter Books by Jane Belk Moncure

We purchased this series to help my oldest learn to read in 1999. He is now an adult but we held onto the series as a family heirloom.

Each book features a single letter and follows the same format to make it easier for children to focus on the letters.

The main character is "Little (the letter of the book)" and changes with each book. The character has a box which he fills with assorted items that start with the letter. So Little A will put apples and alligators in his box while Little B, in another book, will but balls and bikes in his. The focus of the book is first letter recognition. There is a companion set that has numbers and involves fun interactions such as Little 3 can jump 3 times, can you?

The only bad thing about these books is that they are now out of print and often sold as individual books rather than a set. As a set, they are a great resource for teaching early reading skills.

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