Monday, March 12, 2018

Unbroken by Melody Grace

Please note that when I read this book it was listed as Book 2 in the Beachwood Bay Love Story series. It has sinced changed to Book 1 of the Beachwood Bay series.

I had high hopes for this book but in the end, I returned it for a refund. The story itself was decent, although a more of a Teen/YA with sex rather than a real novel. It was very short and I finished it the entire book in only a few hours. The pace of the book is very fast which is part of why it's a quick read. Unfortunately, the non-stop pace also left me feeling tense because there were no breaks from one intense situation to the next.

The worst part of this book was the editing. I'm not usually one to complain about grammar or punctuation issues but these were so bad that they actually distracted me. Proofreading was obviously left to the automated use of spell check as you have phrases like "... in the truck next to the futon she found candles." Why is there a truck in a storm cellar? Oh, you meant "trunk".

My other major issue is the lack of cohesive details. There needs to be some transition between actions. The actual scene I'm thinking of, I can't write here because it would be considered a spoiler but here's an example of the issue.

They are standing face to face but he wraps his arms around her and then places them on her stomach?? just how long are this guy's arms?

I realize that this is a fantasy story but this isn't even believable.

In the end, the poor editing, very short length, and lack of plausible actions led me to return the book.