Monday, April 9, 2018

Immigrant: Captured Moon by TJ Phull

This book is a roller coaster. Anticipation, the sense of dread as you realize something is wrong, the fear as it all goes really wrong, to hope as the lead character manages to rescue herself with some help of her friends, to finally a surprise of joy which no one really saw coming. The story is fast-paced and compelling and quickly becomes one of those books that, no matter how traumatic it gets, can't be put down. 

The story follows Diana, an American who thinks she's found love and travels halfway across the world to see her lover in person. Unbeknownst to her, the trip is about to take a very sideways turn. As the terror of her reality sets in, she is forced to survive a nightmare of kidnapping, rape, and abuse. (Note: There is a secondary version of this book where the lead character is named Moonnebbia. I read the American version of the story)

This story plays on all the emotions and is not for the faint of heart. But if you, like Diana, can survive the initial shock of the betrayal then you will find your reward in a heartwarming story of courage, survival and friendship and love. 

Seriously, this book is not for the casual reader looking to read something light and sexy. This is a deeper story and contains explicit but well-written sex scenes. The scenes range from touching and gentle to gang rape. It also delves into bigger topics like adultery, Stockholm Syndrome, abuse of authority, and self-reliance. This book is not an easy read from an emotional standpoint, however, it is written using language that makes the story easy to read. 

The book is worth the read if you are ready for the emotional adventure it will take you on. 

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