Sunday, April 1, 2018

Without Reservation by Jeff Benedict

This book is little more than a propaganda piece designed to disenfranchise a group of people by providing inaccurate and false information. Shortly after the book came out the book's author announced that he is running for Congress. His district, if elected, would cover the "victim towns" in his book, which is more evidence that he only wrote it to promote himself.

Most of the "sources" for this book either don't remember talking to the author or have publicly announced that their statements were changed in the book to reflect what the author wanted. A few of the "sources" have even gone to work for the Mashantuckets in an effort to clear their names from the inaccuracies in this book.

My biggest problem with this book is that on page 372-373 the author lists the birth, marriage and death certificates for people most of whom were still living at the time of publication. I am assuming that he did this without their permission. As a certified genealogist in the state of CT, I know that the publication of this information is illegal as the vital records of living people are not available to the public. As a politician, he should have known that the people he was "outing" as bad and evil were also constituents and capable of voting in Federal elections. Those who did not live on the reservation were also capable of voting in town and state elections.

In other words, he published the personal information of his own potential constituents and then expected those same people to vote for him.

If you want a real book on the Mashantuckets than try another book.

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