Monday, May 28, 2018

All the Pretty Girls by Riley Edwards

I managed to get my hands on an early release version of Riley Edwards new book All the Pretty Girls. This is the first book in a series which features the children of the couples from her 707 Freedom Series. I will be upfront in saying that I did not read the 707 Freedom series before reviewing this book. The story focuses on Nick, an FBI agent, and Meadow, the victim of a violent crime.

The story is a quick mystery/crime drama with a heavy dose of romance. A serial killer is on the loose again and Nick needs Meadow to help him. Along the way, he helps her discover her inner beauty while she helps him... not sure on that one. It's a sweet story but as a crime drama, it's pretty simple. I guessed the killer early on, so the big reveal wasn't really.

In an interesting twist, the story starts out like an episode of Criminal Minds would, right down to the female computer tech and ridiculously young BAU agent. Thankfully, that is where the comparison ends as the actual team make-up is different. The characters on the team are well developed and would make an interesting series on their own. It wasn't until the end of the book that I realized that the series would not feature the team, but rather the children of the 707 members.

The story is a slow burn romance, not a quickly paced bodice ripper. While I love a slow burn, this one had sections that I almost wish had been sped up. Not so much in the romance section, but in the plot. There are sections with a lot of technical jargon as the story unfolds and the characters explain different elements of the story. As a person who really doesn't care about the inner workings of the things being explained it was difficult to read through.

Another thing that I found fascinating was Nick's crisis of faith. While being an Alpha Male character, he was still human and Edward's did a great job of portraying him as such. At the same time, I seriously wanted to smack him and tell him to get his act together. I don't usually get that emotionally involved in a character so it says something.

The book has an HEA but it also hints heavily at a possible next story in the series. My only trepidation with this is that the theme of the next book appears to be vastly different from the theme of this book which only leaves the family tree as a point of connection between the books.

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