Friday, September 28, 2018

My Antarctica by JS Wayne

This story follows Sheridan and Howie as they discover each other and deal with their respective problems. This is a quick read at 31,000 words and is only available on Smashwords.

Sheridan is described in terms of being frozen or cold, but as a character, she is friendly to the characters who are not acting like jerks. She does have a severe bi-polar issue and seems to switch from kind to raging in a manner of seconds. She also comes across as indecisive a lot of the time which I personally found annoying.

Howie is a stereotypical romance hero with a kind heart, hard body and a nearly unrealistic patience. There is something lovable about the man despite his temper and ability to function without sleep for several days.

The subplot involves a mystery that I solved in Chapter 4 but the characters don't solve until the end of the story. Not because they can't figure it out but because communication is a major breakdown point. There are also additional characters and scenes that didn't seem to serve much of a purpose other than bringing the story to a respectable word count.

There is something very endearing about the core story and if you are new to romance novels or looking for a quick read then this just may work for you. It's not a bodice ripper nor is it a novel. It's more like a decent short story.

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