Thursday, December 20, 2018

Fatapiller by Shaun Bunting

Fatapiller is the story of a caterpillar who finds himself in danger and has to come up with a way to save himself. The artwork is beautifully drawn and I loved the cadence of the story. The story is designed for young readers with a lyrical quality to the text similar to Dr. Suess.

While I love the style of the drawings, some of the images are awkward. The caterpillar is drawn larger than the gecko which emphasizes not only that the caterpillar shouldn't be afraid of the gecko eating as the gecko is 1/3 of the size of the caterpillar, but also that the caterpillar is named "Fatapillar". Additionally, the caterpillar solves his problems my convincing the gecko to let him eat more which eventually allows him to change into a butterfly (a Fatafly). In short, the lesson is that if you are fat you can solve your problems by eating more.

The author has a real talent for storytelling and the artwork is beautiful. I didn't like the theme of the story.