Press Release Guidelines

I have a fairly open policy about press releases, but lately, I have received some odd requests so it's time to put down some guidelines about what I will and won't post in a books press release or promotion.

When submitting a request for a press release or promotion to be published it is best to include:
  • A copy and paste version of the press release either through a shared Google Document or Dropbox. I will not create the press release for you. If I decide to post the release then I will post exactly what is sent to me as is. 
  • Any deadlines which are relevant to the posting. I may not be able to post a press release the same day that I receive it. If there is a date deadline that needs to be met then this information needs to be included. 
Please note that I will not publish any press releases or promotions for books which promote or encourage hate/violence against any other group of people.

I will also not publish anything which requires that I personally endorse the items or has wording to that effect. If I choose to endorse a book it will be done through a book review. If you would prefer that I review the book then please read the Review Guidelines.