Real Life Project

For the last several months I have heard more and more critiques about how people don't like fictional stories because they do not represent real life. While I can agree that stories need to be plausible, I do not think that most readers truly want to read about "real". I also think that most readers do not understand the difference between "real" and "plausible/believable". Reality v. Believably

Since I just turned 42 (The answer to "Life, the Universe and Everything") I have decided to conduct an experiment. I am posting my real life on my blog for the next year. Starting on March 23, 2015. Postings will not be dramatized or fictionalized in any way. This is what readers say they want - real life.

Posts will be tagged with "Real Life" and there is a link in the side bar if you are looking to follow just the experiment portion of this blog. I have also included a widget in the sidebar which shows the updated "All Time" page views. In the last year the blog has obtained 14,441 page views. Most of those are from a review I did of a website for freelancers. This is from when it was strictly a business blog, with very few personal posts. This is the number that I will start with to determine the success, or failure, of the experiment.

The post for the experiment are all tagged with "Real Life".

The real life project concluded on March 23, 2016. The final views are 39,531. Only 2 posts from the project made the top 10 posts list.