Review Guidelines

I receive a lot of requests to review things, particularly books. I take pride in writing in depth and honest reviews which provide a thorough understanding of the item.  Over the years some people have been very surprised when the review they received was not a perfect 5-star review. In some cases, it did not end well. Because of this, I have created some guidelines about how I conduct reviews.

If you think you would like me to review your book or product then please use the contact form (on the sidebar) to send me a short note about what you would like reviewed. Please keep in mind that I receive several requests for reviews a day and I am not able and/or interested in reviewing all of them.

If you would like me to consider reviewing your item then please include:
  • the name of the item, genre and a short synopsis of the plot. (Do not send a review done by someone else). 
  • the date or timeframe needed if applicable. (ie the book release date for an ARC copy)
  • the location for the review such as Amazon, Goodreads, Trip Advisor, etc. 
  • how I will receive the item
If I decide to review your item I will contact you. Do not contact me over and over. It only serves to annoy me and make you look desperate. It's better to have someone review your item who is interested in it, then someone who starts from a standpoint of disliking the idea of it. If I am not interested in reviewing your item I will try to tell you, however, the volume of email I receive does not always allow for this.

If you are sending me an ARC or pre-release item for review then you are responsible for letting me know when the item will be released. Many sites do not allow for publication of reviews prior to the release of the book/item.

If you would like the item returned to you after the review process is finished then you must state this clearly and provide all the materials needed for returning shipping, including the return shipment label.

The review you receive will be an honest and detailed review. There is no guarantee that it will be "5 stars" and it may contain some constructive criticism. I am not trying to "ruin your book" or "hurt your sales." I understand that criticism is hard to hear and I do try to provide constructive criticism - not simply harsh words. If you can't enjoy the positives and learn from the negatives then I would recommend you get a different line of work.

Asking for a review with images does not mean that I will provide high-resolution, professional quality images. If you are interested in my photographic services then please contact me to discuss your project and the costs involved. If I choose to include images with a review, which is rare, they are usually taken with my cell phone.

Friending me on social media is fine. Doing so will not change my opinion of your work. I review based on the book/item, not your personal life choices or political affiliations. If you pester me about your review on social media it will annoy me and make you look desperate. If you do this I will put it in the review. I may use images that I create in the review. It will depend on the specific review and if I need to illustrate something specific.

Reviews may or may not be posted on my website. If this is your goal then please state that clearly in the initial request for a review. If I post the review on my site, I may use whatever imagery you send me with the item to be reviewed under the Copyright Act's Fair Use law.

I have reviewed everything from children's books to erotica to Christian literature. My list of product reviews is equally diverse. If you want to see my review style please use the links in the sidebar.